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SpeedCommander displays files and folders in the proven two window technology source and target of operations are therefore always visible. Compared to the Windows Explorer This provides significantly higher productivity and an extremely fast navigation through files, folders, and FTP server.

It Offers you many options for copying and moving files. Besides the usual deletion SpeedCommander has a secure deletion compliant to governmental standards. With the integrated Quick View SpeedCommander shows you the content of many files.

Whether pictures, videos or music files - SpeedCommander gives you gain a quick overview of a file list. FileSync synchronizes folders, FileSearch finds files and folders on file.

A modern Add-In interface for additional enhancements. An addin can make commands which are accessed through the menu or toolbars. Furthermore, an addin has also full access to the object model of SpeedCommander. It can folder windows, change and access their contents. Via the interface for file system Add-Ins You can integrate other file systems in the SpeedCommander.

Makes handling compressed files easy, because they are treated like ordinary folders. Experience direct support for many archive formats, so you can extract the most important formats without external programs and create. With the help of compression profiles, settings can be summarized, self-extracting archives make additional software superfluous independently. Recovery data offers protection against damage.

Offers support for FTP, FTP over SSH (SFTP) and FTP over SSL. As a user, you have to decide before the connection only for a protocol, everything else is done SpeedCommander completely transparent. The support for proxies was expanded. Supports Socks 4 / 4a / 5 and HTTP Connect. Directory views and file transfers performed at the request compressed (MODE Z). An activated bandwidth limitation limits the transfer rate as required.


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: SpeedCommander 18.00.9200

: sc18.exe

: 15.9 MB

: Commercial Trial

: 13-Nov-2018

: www.jds-online-shop.de

: 0A369C47A8AC182B4EEE92FF142A814A

: Win7 32-bit / Win8 32-bit / Vista 32

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