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CCLEANER 5.48.6834

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The CCleaner software is a freeware used to automatically clean up and optimize the systems hard disk space to make the system to work faster.

The software increases the speed of the system by cleaning up the unwanted files, settings, internet history details, cookies, and registry. As the system is cleaned up based on a scheduler, the system can be protected from various types of attacks and malware while browsing. As the system is protected from hackers, users credentials can be protected.

Further, with the real-time monitoring and cleaning up of the system registry on a scheduled basis, the system demonstrates increased stability and reliability.

more features added up in the software, the users will be notified about the upgraded software automatically. Some of the advanced features the latest software supports are: Disk defragmentation for freeing up the unused space on the hard disk, file recovery option, and listing of hardware inventory.

All the features supported by the software can be executed in the background automatically while the user is focussed on the foreground activity. Also, based on the evolution of the web browsers and OS, the software will be upgraded to address the latest issues / threats that can be encountered by the system users.


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: CCleaner 5.48.6834

: ccsetup548.exe

: 17.2 MB

: Freeware

: 26-Oct-2018


: 4EB748BC62B36CC2FB9988C670079B56

: Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32 / Vista 64

Browser Cleaning
- Added workaround for cleaning Edge while in the ‘suspended’ state on Windows 10, build 1809. This workaround is temporary while we consider a more permanent solution.
- Fixed cleaning of Edge cookies in Windows 10
- Fixed a bug where cleaning Firefox Internet History would corrupt the profile
Feature Previews
- Added support for ‘feature previews’ (limited release of features in development)
- Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming feature previews!
- Renewed our digital security certificate as the previous one was due to expire.
- The certificate publisher has been updated from ‘Piriform Ltd.’ to ‘Piriform Software Ltd.’

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