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StressMyPC is pressure checking out software program, to do a computer balance check ergo computer strain take a look at at absolutely load of the hardware.

Let's examine! How long can your pc battery maintain a rate, or allow your computer sweat!

The managing could be very smooth. On the pinnacle of the screen are 3 buttons that allow us to set off the pressure take a look at for the snap shots card, CPU, and tough drives.

With a size of only a few Kilo Byte, is the stress check program a lightweight, however the application brings your laptop speedy to the restriction.

In a few situations it's far beneficial to push your laptop to the limit: for instance, to degree the minimum battery lifestyles on a computer or ultrabook, or to check the gadget for stability after the CPU has been overclocked. The little device StressMyPC does exactly that: completely load of your hardware.

StressMyPC is also appropriate for a cooling take a look at of freshly overclocked computer systems.

StressMyPC is very simple however at ease to apply. The number one purpose is to create a completely high load on the pc with a very small software. And that even the ordinary person does not start to sweat because of all the buttons and menus within the application, so no "strain the person" impact, however as a substitute a "let the pc sweat" Prog.

  • StressMyPC : start / prevent the pressure-take a look at
  • Paint-pressure : easy stress for the portraits (GPU)
  • Aggressiv CPU-stress : Aggressiv stress for the CPU(s)
  • HD-stress : pressure for the tough power
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    : StressMyPC 3.33


    : 36.0 KB

    : Freeware

    : 30-Oct-2018


    : 6B2C0B66B48AE3BBEAE211F5F1F0ED49

    : Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

    - Various improvements ie for Windows 10, 8.1, and server 2016
    - Small corrections in StressMyPC and update of the language files.
    - New language in StressMyPC: French

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